Trophies are a series of collectable items. They are often found from tasks, completing the game, and destroying the tree monsters, although it is rare to find them.


There are a total of eight trophies in total, that being:

Name How to get
GoldenMushroom Golden Fungi Can only be found in tree monsters.
GoldenTinkerBot Golden Tinker Bot Can only be found in tree monsters.
GoldenAcorn Golden Acorn Can only be found in tree monsters.
GoldenSeaBill Golden SeaBill Complete and find all of SeaBill's cutscenes.
GoldenLumberbotV5 Golden Lumberbot 5.0. Complete Mr. Chipper's quests and unlock the Lumberbot 5.0.
GoldenFatherTree Golden Father Tree Minion Complete the game, as of destroying Father Tree.
GoldenTermite Golden Termite Complete all of the Termite quests.
GoldFrog Golden Frog Complete Frog's Quest.


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